Wall Panel 10×8 Construction

“Our 10×8 Snap Fasteners offer you the opportunity to apply your wall paneling directly to your backers without requiring a reveal between the panels. By using two 2001B housings and one 2023DH-90 double-headed pin, you need zero clearance behind your backer and zero vertical room to install your panels. Or use a single female housing with the 2023-8B male pin in your wood studs or ribs. Simply install the aesthetic panels by snapping them into place. Fast and easy!”

Proven to work. The 10×8 fasteners are used in commercial projects in Silicon Valley Corporate buildings.

How it works

The 10×8 fastening system consists of two main components; the Female Housing (#2001B) and Male Pin (#2023DH-90) or Male Pin (#2023-8B). Once snapped together, they are permanently joined without the need for glue. Ease of installation and quality of strength over time make this type of fastener ideal for wall panels.

Female Housing (#2001B) with the Male Pin (#2023-8B).

2 x Female Housing (#2001B) with the Male Pin (#2023DH-90).

Simplify the Product

The 10×8 fasteners can be pre-installed and panels are snapped on during installation reducing the need for tools. This reduces time and reduces the risk of workplace injury.

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