About us

Lockdowel fasteners are fully integrated into popular wood working software such as Cabinet Vision, Mozaik, Top Solid, Solid Works, Microvellum, imos and more. Lockdowel’s setup package is FREE for most software. Contact the representative below for more information.

Based in California, the founders of Lockdowel have one hand in engineering solutions for a variety of industries and the other in the ocean.

The initial Lockdowel application was to attach fins to surfboards without the use of tools;  and remove the fins in a snap for easy transportation.

One day, while wrestling with the endless complexity of another container of RTA hardware and indecipherable instructions, one of our principals had their light bulb moment.

In a few short years, Lockdowel has gone from a boutique fastener inserted by hand to becoming the heart of fully-automated production facilities for the cabinet, closet, furniture, and architectural wood industry.