Closets Channel Lock Construction

“Each fastener that we have carefully designed was created under the same principles: simplify manufacturing, simplify assembly, and simplify installation.”

One of the most time-consuming aspects of closet construction is installation. Lockdowel fasteners are the solution to make this process fast and simple. You can potentially double the amount of closet installations per week! Our Channel Lock hardware slides into pre-routed keyhole slots, then you’re ready for installation. Use our H-Clip fasteners for extra durability and pull force. Pair our fasteners with our One-Click drawer slides, and you’ve doubled your value! They snap together faster than clicking a seatbelt and eliminate the need for constant adjustments.

Once your panels are ready, they can be flat-packed for shipment for on-site assembly. This not only saves on shipping costs, it increases the ease of assembly in tight spaces. And since all the fasteners are invisible once panels are assembled, your finished work will be beautiful!

Simplify the Process

The Channel Lock system is designed for lean manufacturing,
improving on key elements to increase production and reduce cost.

The first thing we improve is the fastener; from multiple confusing pieces down to a single piece design utilizing a keyhole slot to create the locking mechanism. This greatly reduces the fastener cost but more importantly, it simplifies the insertion process. Having fasteners on the surface often require manual labor or expensive specialized equipment for installation. Lockdowel only requires the fastener to be inserted on the edge and integrates perfectly with existing proven edge drilling or dowel insertion machines.

To eliminate the glue requirement when constructing a wardrobe or closets with no visible fasteners and comparable strength, we designed the interference of the barb geometry and keyhole slot to perfection. Together, each Channel Lock joint provides over 100 lbs of pull force and once assembled, no fasteners are visible. Without glue, products can be disassembled for flat shipping, rework, or replacement.

To start, products built with Lockdowel fasteners pass all ANSI/BIFMA or AWI Standard. But we don’t stop there. Our fasteners are engineered for rigorous testing and we will work with you to meet all specialized requirements.

Simplicity in design, the fastener naturally reduce the assembly process. The channel lock slides firmly inside the keyhole slot. With practice, a wardrobe or closet can be assembled in 5-10 minutes depending on the size. Every product we have converted to Lockdowel shows a significant increase in assembly time by as much as 60%.

Step 1: Surface Routing

Any CNC router that is capable of holding 0.10 mm tolerance can use our router bit for milling the key slot routs. A Channel Lock rout consist of 2 passes called the Clear Out and the Locking. Both cuts use the same router bit at a different depth. The first cut, clearout, is at 4.5 mm in depth and the second cut, locking, is at 9.0 mm depth. All other machining operations remain the same.

Step 2: Edge Machining

We work with equipment manufacturers to integrate our fasteners for automatic insertion with an edge drilling machine, but starting with manual insertion is still faster and easier than before. The barbed channel lock and spring pin use standard 8 mm diameter drilling and 32 mm spacing.

We partnered with Holz-Her for a one-stop solution for edge-drilling and surface routing all Lockdowel’s t-slots. For more details check out our equipment page.

Step 3: Assembly

Lockdowel product shares a very similar linear work cell that consists of routing, edge banding, edge drilling/insertion, and assembling the piece. The whole process of constructing a closet from start to finish is 6 – 10 minutes per closet section. Time is dependant on the CNC router speed and setup. Once assembled, no fasteners are visible, including the adjustable shelves.

Watch a wardrobe assembly with Bryan and Michael! For more videos, check out our youtube channel.

Adjustable Shelf Re-invented

The Lockdowel shelf tightener is a new take on creating an invisible fastener for adjustable shelves. The shelf tightener use existing 5 mm system bore and our channel lock technology to slide the adjustable shelf in. The shelf with our fasteners hold over 100 lbs of weight and can be removable.

We also provide jig drawings if you want to 3D print handheld routers tool attachment. See the video here.

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    Simplify the Construction Process

    The Channel Lock fastening system consists of three main components; the Barbed Channel Lock, Spring Pin, and Router Bit. We have 2 variations of each component and the products were designed specifically for two criteria: 1) Panel Thickness and 2) Material.

    1. Panel Thickness: The regular channel lock (E900BP) was designed specifically for panels of wood with the minimum thickness 5/8″ or more. The mini channel lock (E900BP-Mini) was designed for 1/2″ thickness material.
    2. Material: There are two materials for the fasteners, the plastic, and metal version. The plastic version is designed for softer material such as particle board, MDF, plywood, and selected lower density plastics. The metal version is designed for harder material such as hardwood, plywood, and higher density plastics like starboard.

    For example, common 3/4″ particle board product will use the E900BP, 8002-40-R5, and the E1000 series router bit listed below.

    The main component in the channel lock system. Smooth slide-to-lock technology with over 100 lbs pulls force. The channel lock construction is non-permanent and products can be disassemble.

    sku: E900BP
    Barbed Channel Lock

    The steel spring pin is essential to the barbed channel lock to provide extra sheer strength, helps square the unit, and act as a key to lock the whole piece together.

    sku: 8002-40-R5
    8 mm Spring Pin

    Our special t-slot cutter which cuts the keyhole slot for the channel lock. This creates the locking portion on the surface of the wood.

    sku: E1000 series
    Router Bit

    ⌀ 8mm

    ⌀ 8mm

    The mini barbed channel lock was designed for 1/2" material thickness. Similar to the E900BP, the mini provides over 50 lbs of pull force per joint.

    sku: E900BPMini
    Mini Barbed Channel Lock

    The steel spring pin is essential to the barbed channel lock to provide extra sheer strength, helps square the unit, and act as a key to lock the whole piece together.

    sku: 8005
    5 mm Spring Pin

    Our special t-slot cutter which cuts the keyhole slot for the channel lock. This creates the locking portion on the surface of the wood.

    sku: E2000 series
    Router Bit

    ⌀ 5mm

    ⌀ 5mm

    Simplify the Implementation

    Lockdowel has built an extensive library of hundreds of products that had been converted to using Lockdowel’s hardware. We partnered with software developers in the woodworking industry to provide our cabinet product library to you for free. We also provide support for prototyping, testing, and equipment needs. Our job is to make your life simple and ensure a smooth and accurate transition when using our products.

    Getting Started With Lockdowel Is Easy

    Our Evaluation Kit is the first step toward a more profitable future. You get a ready-to-assemble Demo Unit which will introduce you to our new fastening technology. Enough fasteners and one router bit to create several sample units. Visit our evaluation kit page for more information on the many kits we have that is suitable for your business.

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