Lockdowel Inc.
2298 Tripaldi Way
Hayward, CA 94545
Email: info@Lockdowel.com
Phone #: (866) 389-5393

For Placing Orders
use extension: 1
For Order Status
use extension: 2
For contacting Sales Department
use extension: 3

If you wish to contact or place orders via email, use info@Lockdowel.com.


Jason Howell

Mobile: 704-662-5916

Thomas May

Vice President Sales
Office: 650-477-7112 ext 105
Mobile: 650-393-3710

Darin Johnson

Certified Lockdowel Manufacturing Consultants
Software and Design Support 
Mobile: 480-220-4850
Email: darin@visionshareconsulting.com

Pete Baumann

Certified Lockdowel Manufacturing Consultants
Mobile: 480-688-7858
Email: pbaumann@lockdowel.com

Chris Wilmot

Sales Representative (East Coast)
50 Water St.
Suite 203 Front Bldg
Norwalk, CT 06854

Rene Ramirez Nieva

Sales Representative (Mexico)
Koh Arquitectos S.A de C.V.
Phone Number: 91 54 72 92
Email Address: rene.ramirez.nieva@gmail.com

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Lockdowel Inc.
41920 Christy St
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone #: (650) 477-7112
Email: info@Lockdowel.com