Drawer Slides with Channel Lock Technology

“We soon realized that our fastening technology can be applied to other products such as drawer slides, face frames, castors etc. Anything that is assembled in a cabinet, closets, or furniture can be “Lockdoweled” This new single piece fastener will truly simplify your manufacturing process and assembly.”

2017 AWFS Visionary Winner



Simplify the Assembly

Our drawer slides assemble three times faster and with the help of CNC precision, little to no adjustments are needed after assembly.

Channel locks are factory installed and drawer slides are ready to install straight out of the box. No tools are required for installation.

Our hardware, along with our drawer slides pass or exceed all ANSI/BIFMA standard.

Simplicity in design, our drawer slides use Channel Lock technology to insert and slide forward to lock. The channel lock slides smoothly into the keyhole slot and assembly is simple without extra hardware or tool.

Same routing profile

The drawer slide channel lock routing is the same profile as our regular channel lock and uses the same tool (E1000 series router bit). A Channel Lock rout consist of 2 passes called the Clear Out and the Locking. Both cuts use the same router bit at a different depth. The first cut, clearout, is at 4.5 mm in depth and the second cut, locking, is at 9.0 mm depth. Note: the drawer slide channel lock routs are shorter.

Three times faster

Our goals are to make assembly faster and reduce the necessity for reveal adjustments. Screwing in the drawer slide introduces misalignment in the installation stage and often times throw the reveals off. With CNC routed slots, the drawer slides are installed perfectly straight every single time.

Simplify the Implementation

We partnered with software developers in the woodworking industry to provide our drawer slides routing profile library to you for free.  We also provide support for prototyping, testing, and equipment needs. Our job is to make your life simple and ensure a smooth and accurate transition when using our products.

Software Integration

Available Now

All of our guides are tested more than 50, 000 cycle times and load rating of 100 lbs for 18″ guides. 25 kg guides are rated for 50 lbs with 18″ drawer slides. See our catalog for the full specifications.

Soft Close Undermount

Soft Close Sidemount

3-way Adjustable Drawer Clip for Undermount

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