Insertion Machine Manufacturers

The equipment providers listed below offer machinery solutions to automate the insertion of Lockdowel parts. These manufacturers are independent of Lockdowel and ultimately provide a value proposition directly to Lockdowel customers. Promotional offers from equipment providers are independent of Lockdowel. We encourage researching them all to find the equipment that best meets your specific production, service, and support needs. This machinery provider listing is displayed in random orders.

Biesse Elix

Customized to insert Lockdowel EClips system

• CNC Edge Boring
• Automatic Barbed Channel Lock insertion
• Automatic 8 mm Spring Pin insertion
• Automatic Barbed H-Clip insertion

Contact Information:
Cesare Magnani
Biesse Brand Sales Manager
4110 Meadow Oak Drive
Charlotte, NC 28206
work phone: 704-357-3131
mobile: 704-299-6415
work email:

Pillar Machine HPLD

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Customized to insert Lockdowel EClips Products

• CNC Edge Boring
• Automatic Plastic Barbed Channel Lock insertion
• Automatic Plastic Barbed H-Clip insertion
• Automatic Spring Pin insertion

Visit Pillar Machine for additional details.

Contact information:
Chris Deal

Eastern US/Canada Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 801.550.9732

Steve Devereaux
Western US/Canada Regional Manager
Phone: 801.550.5183

ProEdge Technology
PET 2440-LD

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Customized to  Insert any Lockdowel Fastener

3 Axis CNC Router and Lockdowel Insertion Machine
Customized to insert any Lockdowel fastener, any size
100% routing and insertion of any Lockdowel fastener component on the edge of the panel and vertical routing within 100mm of the panel bottom surface edge.
(1) Vertical high speed router
(2) Horizontal high speed routers
(3) Independent vibrating feeders
(4) Independent injectors consisting of:  5mm spring pin,  5mm mini barbed channel lock,  8mm spring pin and  8mm barbed channel lock
(5) Parametric programming with full visual edit control
(6) Zones with laser part recognition
(7) Independently adjustable table supports on linear guides for long part support
(8) On-the-fly laser part measurement
(9) Wireless barcode reader
(10) Wireless keyboard and mouse
(11) Lockdowel component storage cabinet
(12) Pro Edge Technology’s TeleService Support

Contact Information:
Dale Bucy
Work Email:
Work Phone:  844.738.3343 ext. 101
Mobile Phone:  727.403.1521

SCM Omal 1300 CNC Insertion

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Customized to insert Lockdowel EClips or SNAP

Metal Snap Fastener version
• Edge Boring
• Automatic glue insertion
• Automatic Lockdowel 10×8 male pin insertion
• Automatic Spring Pin insertion
• Automatic wood dowel insertion

EClips fasteners version
• Edge Boring
• Automatic Barbed Channel Lock insertion
• Automatic Barbed H-Clip insertion
• Automatic Spring Pin insertion

Contact Information:
Zack Chandler
OMAL Product Manager
SCM North America
Work Email:
Work Phone: 770-813-8818
Work Mobile: 470-955-9745

STEMA Lockdowel Insertor

Customized to insert Lockdowel Mini Channel Lock system

• CNC Edge Boring
• Automatic Mini Nylon Barbed Channel Lock insertion
• Automatic 5 mm Spring Pin insertion
• Drawer box notch and drilling

Contact Information:
Ed Moran
STEMA’s exclusive distributor in the USA
VTM Mech
Work Email:
Work Phone: 702-721-1211