The first thing we improve is the fastener; from multiple confusing pieces down to a single piece design utilizing a keyhole slot to create the locking mechanism. This greatly reduces the fastener cost but more importantly, it simplifies the insertion process. Having fasteners on the surface often require manual labor or expensive specialized equipment for installation. Lockdowel only requires the fastener to be inserted on the edge and integrates perfectly with existing proven edge drilling or dowel insertion machines.

To eliminate the glue requirement when constructing a cabinet with no visible fasteners and comparable strength, we designed the interference of the barb geometry and keyhole slot to perfection. Together, each Channel Lock joint provides over 100 lbs of pull force and once assembled, no fasteners are visible. Without glue, cabinets can be disassembled for flat shipping, rework, or replacement.

To start, cabinets built with Lockdowel fasteners pass all ANSI/BIFMA or AWI Standard. But we don’t stop there. Our fasteners are engineered for rigorous testing and we will work with you to meet all specialized requirements.

Simplicity in design, the fastener naturally reduce the assembly process. The channel lock slides firmly inside the keyhole slot. With practice, a base cabinet can be assembled in 2.5 minutes, and a drawer box in 30 seconds. Every product we have converted to Lockdowel shows a significant increase in assembly time by as much as 60%.

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