Lockdowel in the News!

March, 2024

ISFD Adds Lockdowel to Sponsor List for Pinnacle Awards® and Innovation+Design™ Events

March 15, 2024

High Point, NC International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD) would like to thank Lockdowel along with all of their sponsors and partners for supporting their efforts to make the Tom Conley Student Scholarship, Pinnacle Awards and the Innovation+Design competition successes. The Tom Conley Student Scholarship supports gifted student designers from across the country. The Pinnacle Awards, held each fall, recognize professional and student designers who are directly involved in designing home furnishings, décor, or textile products available for retail sale in the last year. Innovation+Design, held in the spring, focuses on professional designer-makers and the next generation of serious woodworking students as it helps them receive exposure for their work, make valuable industry contacts, and launch their design careers.

“We are very grateful to the generous companies and organizations that support ISFD and the design industry,” said David Blair, executive director of ISFD. “Our goal is to help these behind-the-scenes artists who establish design trends and create the exceptional furniture and textiles that will be part of our lives for years to come. In addition to the networking opportunities that ISFD offers, in many cases, winning one of our prestigious awards has helped these creative minds launch very successful professional design careers.”

May, 2023

 WPE Podcast Highlights Lockdowel

Lockdowel is highlighted in a live podcast “Do What You Do Best” hosted by Will Sampson of Woodworking Network from the recent WPE Expo in Florida. Will spoke with Chad Shelton of Bella IMC about how Chad built a successful business that now ships to companies throughout the U.S., Canada, and even Costa Rica. Chad attributes his success to streamlining his business by focusing only on products he makes best and using Allmoxy software and Lockdowel fastening solutions.

Chad had been producing commercial cabinetry, then realized he was trying to do too much and his company wasn’t operating efficiently enough to be profitable. He decided to produce only what he did best—boxes and doors. Chad had to find the simplest way to do that. That’s when he found Lockdowel. He implemented a new in-house process that incorporated Lockdowel fasteners and his business took off. Without increasing staff, he was able to take on more and more business. His team members can now assemble a full box and hang a door in less than two minutes. They no longer have to use dowels, glue, and clamps, plus have the added benefits of being able to ship either full cabinets or flat-packing for on-site assembly, as well as being able to disassemble boxes when needed. “It’s a very forgiving fastening system,” Chad said, noting how his customers were extremely impressed with his products. “It’s by far the best, strongest, and fastest fastener you can use.”

Click here to listen to the full 24-minute podcast. https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/podcasts/do-what-you-do-best-chad-shelton

Bella IMC manufactures residential, multi-family, closet, and box-only RTA cabinetry to contractors, dealers, and cabinet shops across the U.S. Their unique construction method combined with highly customizable materials allows their clients access to a supplier who can keep the process simple and affordable while maintaining high quality American-made products and exceptional customer service. www.bellaimc.com | 260-338-2577

November, 2022


Lockdowel announced that their fastener solutions will now also be available for direct purchase in Canada through Richelieu Hardware Ltd.

Richelieu is a leading distributor and importer of specialty hardware and complementary products with a reputation for providing high-quality hardware with fast delivery.

“Many of our customers already enjoy the convenience of purchasing hardware from Richelieu,” said Jason Howell, CEO of Lockdowel, Inc. “Our partnership with Richelieu will now provide them with the convenience of a one-stop shop when ordering Lockdowel parts in the Canada market.”

Lockdowel’s highest-demand products such as channel locks and cinch fasteners will be available through local Richelieu sales channels immediately. Lockdowel Inc. manufactures a line of metal and plastic fasteners and drawer slides designed to facilitate fast assembly of cabinets, closets, furniture, and more. Their patented, invisible fastening solutions ensure substantial time and money savings, as well as durable joints.

August 2021

Lockdowel and Microvellum Build Woodworkers’ Access to Innovation

Lockdowel Video in Microvellum Community

Lockdowel Inc. hardware and Microvellum Software continue their partnership to improve wood product manufacturing with recent platform and product updates.

The latest version of Microvellum’s AutoCAD-based platform features two new Lockdowel fasteners – the E3259BM barbed channel lock and E85040BP connector.

LEARN MORE: https://www.lockdowel.com/news/lockdowel-and-microvellum…

June 2021


SWOOD and Lockdowel launch partnership

“SWOOD is pleased to announce our new partnership with Lockdowel, which is the manufacturer of unique tool-less fastener solutions on the woodworking market for custom cabinets, closets, furniture and much more applications.

Jason Howell, CEO at Lockdowel and Christophe Vermeloux, Owner at EFICAD
‘With SWOOD’s integration of Lockdowel fasteners into their library, manufacturers now can reduce their cabinet assembly time on their production line, as well as the option to provide their customers with ready-to-assemble cabinets in a tool-less assembly format. SWOOD users can select the particular Lockdowel fastener they want to use for their cabinet construction and connectors automatically create the components in 3D with the appropriate machining on all adjoining panels to display a production-ready part for review and CNC processing.’”

LEARN MORE: https://swood.eficad.com/lockdowel-swood-partnership/

March 2021

Fast Company logo

The 10 most innovative manufacturing companies of 2021

Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2021 logo

“As one of the most far-reaching categories on our Most Innovative Companies list, the companies that make up our manufacturing list are addressing some of the biggest problems facing society. From manufacturing a better vial to carry COVID-19 vaccines in, to devising a biodegradable packaging, to offering on-demand fabrication that reduces waste, these companies are creating a better world by rethinking the ways we create product. …


For simplifying furniture assembly with a slide-and-lock system

Lockdowel specializes in slide-to-lock and snap-lock fasteners for wood furniture, which make assembly as easy as clicking two latches into place—a system that’s estimated to reduce assembly cost and time by 60%. In 2020, the company rolled out two more specialized fasteners, and signed on a major U.S. office furniture manufacturer.”

READ MORE: https://www.fastcompany.com/90600241/manufacturing-most-innovative-companies-2021

Woodworking Network

Lockdowel named one of “World’s Most Innovative Companies”

Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2021 logo

“Lockdowel, maker of breakthrough slide-and-lock plastic fastener system, has been named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company magazine.

Highlighted in the magazine’s March/April 2021 issue, Lockdowel is listed number 10 on a list of the 10 most innovative manufacturing firms in the world today. Other companies on the manufacturing list include SIO2 Materials Science, Instrumental, Arris Composites, Carbon, and Ford Motor Co. The larger list of companies in the article recognizes innovators in a wide variety of fields. The top listing went to COVID-19 vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech in a tie for first place.

The list honors the businesses that have not only found a way to be resilient in the past year, but also turned those challenges into impact-making processes. Lockdowel and the other honorees did more than survive, they thrived—making an impact on their industries and culture as a whole, according to the magazine. This year’s list features 463 businesses from 29 countries.

The listing for Lockdowel recognizes the company for simplifying furniture assembly with a slide-and-lock system.” …

FULL ARTICLE: https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/news/woodworking-industry-news/lockdowel-named-one-worlds-most-innovative-companies