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Lockdowel and Microvellum Build Woodworkers’ Access to Innovation

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Cutting-Edge Software Features the Latest Invisible Hardware

Lockdowel Inc. hardware and Microvellum Software continue their partnership to improve wood product manufacturing with recent platform and product updates.

The latest version of Microvellum’s AutoCAD-based platform features two new Lockdowel fasteners – the E3259BM barbed channel lock and E85040BP connector.

Video: Adding Lockdowel Channel Lock E3259BM to Your Legacy Microvellum Library

“We are proud to work with a great firm like Microvellum that shares our goal of helping woodworkers embrace technology and innovation to be more competitive,” said Lockdowel CEO, Jason Howell.

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Lockdowel’s Innovative Invisible Fasteners

Recently recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021, Lockdowel designs and produces invisible fastening systems for cabinets, closets, casegoods, and more.

Our assembly solutions enable higher profitability, competitiveness, and user satisfaction. Lockdowel customers report reduced labor cost of 60 percent or more. With patented slide-to-lock and snap-lock technology, our glue-less and tool-free fasteners provide the industry’s leanest and fastest assembly process.

Lockdowel fasteners also allow finished goods to be flat packed, shipped less expensively, and warehoused in less space with less damage than standard construction methods. Learn more at www.lockdowel.com.

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Microvellum’s People-Powered Technology

Team members at Microvellum come from a variety of backgrounds, many serving 10 years or more of the company’s 26-year history. They develop proprietary software for the latest in woodworking efficiency and technology.

One unique tool is the Microvellum Knowledge Base and Community, where thousands of woodworkers around the world can evolve their craft and boost their business.

“This initiative puts the knowledge of our company and other users in the hands of global professionals,” explained Microvellum CEO, David Fairbanks. “It’s a free and living environment where users can communicate, learn and influence our industry as they journey through it. We feel it enhances our core values and enables our team and clients to reach their potential, faster.”

Headquartered in Central Point, Ore., Microvellum is a leading global woodworking production software that equips industry leaders to streamline their design, estimating, engineering, and production processes and confidently grow their businesses. Learn more at www.microvellum.com.

Video: Adding Lockdowel E85040BP Straight Barbed Connector to Your Legacy Microvellum Library