Software Partners

Lockdowel fasteners are fully integrated into popular wood working software such as Cabinet Vision, Mozaik, Top Solid, Solid Works, Microvellum, imos and more. Lockdowel’s setup package is FREE for most software. Contact the representative below for more information.

Bobby Lewis
Work Email:
Work Phone: 435-230-4006

Don Bigelow
Partner Relations
Work Email:
Work Phone: 616-610-0087

Cabinet Pro Supports Lockdowel
With Cabinet Pro CNC you can streamline the design and production of modular and custom cabinets when using Lockdowel or a combination of fasteners. Watch this video to learn how Cabinet Pro works with Lockdowel.

See how it works:

Frank Jimenez
Work Email:
Work Phone: 702-330-0775

Tim Murphy
1252 Route 28
South Yamouth, MA 02664
Work Email:
Work phone: 508-760-1140

David Fairbanks
444 South Haskell Street
Central Point, OR 97502
Mobile: (541) 229-1538

Microvellum Software, based in Central Point, OR, USA, equips woodworking industry leaders with a CAD/CAM/CIM platform to streamline their design, estimating, engineering and production processes. Microvellum is proud to partner with clients from around the world – helping them reach their potential and accomplish extraordinary things.

Learn more, here: Woodworking Software Platform | Microvellum

Mozaik Software
Phone: 760-585- 9550

SWOOD logo

Bruno Calatayud
Work Email:
Work Phone: 617-669-8755

Olivier Esposito
North America Product Manager
Work Email:
Work Phone: 815-666-2145

Previously Wood CAD/CAM

Russ Mills
Product Specialist for iX
Stiles Machinery
Email –
Mobile 616-699-3873
Office 616-698-7500

Michel Melon
Technical Director
Work Email:
Work Phone: +44 (0) 118-370-2665
Download PolyBoard and the Quick Design libraries from this page:

See Polyboard & Lockdowel in this software demonstration:

Tim Wing
Applications Engineer
Work Email:
Work Phone: 336-665-0665 ext. 4731
The Lockdowel component for woodWOP can be purchased through our eTech department.
Part #: 30-998-06655 – $295.00
Stiles Woodwop

Steven Widom
Work Email:
Work Phone: 631-757-7035 ext. 111
See the FREE download trial package offer.
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