Simplify Manufacturing, Assembly and Installation

Each fastener that we have carefully designed was created under the same principles: simplify manufacturing, simplify assembly, and simplify installation. As a result, our fasteners naturally reduce the labor cost that would normally come with conventional fasteners, screws, dowels, glue or cam locks. Simply put, every Lockdowel fastening system will simplify your life.


We sell more than just hardware to our customers. We provide support and solutions to existing woodworking problems: slow lead time, case-clamp bottleneck, high labor cost, inconsistent quality and inefficient manufacturing processes. All of these problems are directly or indirectly the results of how the product is built. Let’s change it.


Our fastening systems are engineered for lean manufacturing. Every feature is made as an improvement to the outdated ways of building cabinets, closets or furniture.


The Channel Lock fastening system is designed with disassembly in mind, while the H-Clip fastening system mirrors a glue-and-dowel construction method, only without the need for glue, case clamps, or screws. You can decide which system works best with your business model. Either way you are going to save a lot of time, money and headache.

H-Clip System
 Particle Board
 Selected Plastic
Channel Lock System

Unbelievable Strength

Channel Lock Vs H-Clip


Channel Lock Construction
H-Clip Construction
Channel Lock Construction
Channel Lock Construction
H-Clip Construction


Equipped with our Channel Lock technology.

  • Factory installed with our Channel Lock technology. Just Slide to Lock. No screws or tools required.

  • Installation is 3 times faster and more accurate. Minimize the need for constant adjustments.

  • Competitive price and discount when combined with our fasteners purchase.

  • ANSI/BIFMA Certified

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Get Hands On With Our Fastener Technology Today

Our Evaluation Kit is the first step towards a more profitable future. You get a ready-to-assemble Demo Kit which will introduce you to our new fastening technology. You will also receive fasteners and a router bit to create several sample units. With this kit comes 1 free drawing conversion of any product you would like to see using Lockdowel’s fastening system. Gain free technical support with our engineering team on design, tooling, software or equipment integration.

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